An Easy-to-Follow Path for Financial Security & Personal Development

Vijay L possesses 15 years of professional experience working in the construction industry in the Middle East and India. Drawing an immense amount of value from his exposure, the author expertly manages his finances and wants to pass on the knowledge to others. By developing basic daily habits, Vijay L believes you can increase your net worth and widen your outlook. Teaching the importance of setting goals and attaining them, You, Money & Family draws from the author’s experiences. Money management isn’t easy but doable. The book takes you on a journey to maximize your wealth and happiness for each stage of your life.

If your finances are a mess, this book will teach you the art of increasing your net worth by following a few simple mechanisms. Imparting the importance of valuable life habits, it discusses how these basic elements can enrich your financial strength and awareness. Attributing successful people’s achievements to their habits, Vijay L informs readers of instructive and informative books that have helped shape others’ accomplishments. A step-by-step guide for personal financial success, You, Money & Family teaches you to analyze your liabilities and assets.

A delightful and easy-to-understand read, the book simplifies each evaluative mechanism. With years of experience and learning curves behind him, Vijay L encourages his readers to expand their minds by exploring a range of ideas Centered on the philosophy of personal development, he discusses the importance of personal progression and personal awareness.

By challenging the conventional manner of assessing life and finances, this book encourages you to gain a holistic perspective. With a perfect combination of personal development and financial cognizance, Vijay L emphasizes the importance of improving your viewpoint and exposing yourself to multiple disciplines. Written in jargon-free language, You, Money & Family includes exercises to help de-clutter your mind and shift your energy to gaining financial freedom.