Does BlackJean Investor Mean Something?

Does BlackJean Investor Mean Something?

Does ‘BlackJean Investor’ mean something?

– If you are trying to name your newborn child or a start-up, chances are that you want the name to convey the character you want to see.

– After college, when I used to hear the word ‘investor’, my mind would automatically picture a dark suited guy from the Wall Street on a CNBC interview.

– Not much has changed, I guess!

– In reality, what is seen is that even gurus can get their decisions wrong!

– Therefore, my ideology of an investor craved a re-definition:-

*    Investor is a common man who seeks Clarity not confidence.

*    He Refers, Consults, but Thinks Independently of his decisions.

*    He is Analytical, yet he knows that he can and he will make mistakes.

*    He can invest from the comforts of his favorite pair of jeans!

– How about BlueJean Investor? It sounded perfect, until I found the name was taken.

– So, what next? If investing is not casual as blue jean then it is also not formal as a dark suit? Bingo! I sold myself on BlackJean Investor! What’s in a name anyway? Do you have a better story on self-serving bias?

If you liked my story then I think we have some things in common. Therefore, would you mind if I asked you few questions to know a bit more about you?

Please click the link below to start a quiz and I will see you on the other side.



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