‘I would manage my own money and keep a score’ was a life changing decision I made years ago

‘I would manage my own money and keep a score’ was a life changing decision I made years ago

Is your life a big hustle in balancing work, family, health, social media and perhaps some blissful solitude if you get lucky?

Or life is a state of worry, pain and even sleepless nights because of broken state of personal finance?

You know you must pay attention and get things in order but somehow something else comes up and takes priority.

Sometimes, you may even wonder why after years of working, why the size of your net worth is not making you happy?

If you are willing to learn and improvise certain tiny aspects of your day to day activities, you will do wonders in improving your finances and increasing your circle of influence.

‘I would manage my own money and keep a score’ was a life changing decision I made years ago

Iam glad time didn’t prove me wrong, despite adverse market conditions from time to time.

Something unique and interesting was happening during self-reviews of my money score.

I started noticing indescribable gain in insights, personal productivity and happiness that come from doing something over long periods of time.

If past experience were to offer hindsight, my ‘so called’ success; appears to be coming out of a simple daily process.

Just look back at your own career and see how you got good at what you are doing now?

Your aptitude, dedication, commitment, patience everything mattered to get you skilled at what you now do best.

Is getting good at Money skill any exception?

If you think getting good at Money skill is important to you then you must take the efforts to develop a good process or at the least follow a proven process that can save you time and avoid pitfalls.

Aftercall real success is a result of a good process.

There are many processes out there, how to know which one is good for you?

A process is good for you if it is easy to understand and use otherwise you will drop it soon as your motivation dries.

The process which I follow eliminates the need to make monthly budgets. Yes, you heard it right. I haven’t had budget showdowns at home for over a decade.

Why no budgets?

Because budgets unconsciously deprive you of abundance mindset and are definitely an avoidable source of frictional pain with your partner!

Aren’t actuals going to be actuals no matter what’s your budget?

What is the point of estimates which are ballpark? Don’t they only prove by how much margin you missed the budget?

If you want to be successful, your process must make you wiser not miser!

The process that you would learn in this book has the tools to declutter your life and free your time and energies to do something more productive and creative.

For example, understanding Real Estate which, by the way should be part of your portfolio if you want to be Rich.

Income producing rental properties that cash flow and have potential for capital appreciation are my personal favorite sources of wealth. They provide passive income that power true financial freedom.

Based on my real-life experiences, I have put together a time-tested process which to me appears Repeatable and Scalable called ‘HMWES’. This is explained in great detail in step-by-step method in the book ‘You, Money and Family’.

What I know is that this process simply works because its nonstop and forces you to improve yourself every day. That’s the key.

And once the process has become your second nature, money has started working for you!

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