Bad Spending Habits Ruining Your Happiness?

Bad Spending Habits Ruining Your Happiness?

Bad Spending Habits Ruining Your Happiness?

Bad Spending Habits Ruining Your Happiness?

She looked into his eyes and both knew it was not going to be easy.

They were behind on their car payments and something even worse was brewing for them.

Their house was about to go for a foreclosure too. “Why is this happening to us?” uttered Jack after a long silence.

Jessica and Jack have been married for 12 years and their story leaves us with many questions.

Jack was a hardworking mid level executive in a private firm. He has been a good performer for greater part of his 17 year career.

It is only in the last 18 months or so that he started feeling the heat of the financial imbalance that was waiting to explode.

He knew it and so did Jessica who was a home maker helping their two kids Sara and Ben.

Jack and Jessica decided to speak to their college friend Alex who was also a financial planner.

“So tell me about it” said Alex with a pen and a notepad dressed in dark pinstriped suit.

It was embarrassing for the couple to talk about their financial affairs because they themselves were pretty clueless from where to begin.

Alex said “let us try to make it simple for us to look at the problem first”.

“I know you guys are neck deep in debt which is choking you out.”

There are many ways to get out of debt fast and Iam sure you would have tried some of those proven methods.

Surprisingly, the couple showed fair awareness of what to do and therefore it was easy for Alex to chalk out a plan for them to reduce their debt.

But the important question was how did they land in the place they were in?

Few months passed and with little bit of support from friend’s and relatives, Jack and Jessica were able to save their house and car from foreclosure. But it required some hard discipline and expenditure cutting to get there.

6 months down the line, Alex met the couple and inquired how were the doing?

“Better but we are not happy because we are not used to live below the lifestyle we had gotten used to” said Jessica.

“Lifestyle”? mentioned Alex.

Yeah! I mean we have to cut down on what we buy and how we buy and it feels that we are robbing our present for our future!

Hmm! Alex did not cut into answer the question because he himself wasn’t sure of his advise.

Because, deep inside, even though Alex had a career as a financial planner, he too was a victim of unconscious spending.

However, because of few investments and hard assets, Alex was better off but not free from the perils of future insecurity.

A year passed and Jack and Jessica again stepped into increased spendings and growing worries.

Ashamed by what happened last year with them, Jack used to search and read stuff on google on “How to get Rich?” How to get passive income? How to become financially free?

One day, Jack stumbled upon a phrase by Benjamin Franklin and the insight hit him like a thunder bolt.

He read:

“He who builds before he counts the cost, acts foolishly;

And he that counts before he builds, finds he did not count wisely”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Jack was in construction industry and that was probably the reason why he understood the importance of cost in good project management.

Jack wondered if cost is so important for the success of a good project, then why am I not counting my household expenses?

Why I am assuming this much for food, this much for utility and so much for school?

Do I have the record of my expenses? No. What do I have? A Vague Idea of How much Iam spending?

Is a Vague Idea of cost acceptable at my work in delivering the project? No!

Then why Iam being vague with my household spendings?

There was just one good thing Jack did that day.

Instead of this aha moment passing him by, he opened an excel spreadsheet on his computer and recorded his expenditure for that day.

His table looked simple something like this:-

Expense Statement
Date Day Month Year Particulars Head  Amount 
13 Fri March 2021 Groceries Utilities                          30
13 Fri March 2021 Lunch Eating out                          10
13 Fri March 2021 Phone charger Utilities                            5

Jack decided to keep a record of his daily household expenditures to know where his money was going?

At night before preparing to sleep, the thought came to Jack to discuss this idea with Jessica but he resisted to discuss this because Jessica may look down upon him like a creep who will watch over all what Jessica is spending while Jack is away at office.

After a month of recording expenditures, Jack totaled the amount and found that his expenditures for the month of March were only slightly below his salary income.

This did not feel good but at least Jack was now aware where his money was going. Jack was excited about this exercise and couldn’t contain his words and discussed with Jessica over the dinner table.

Jessica did not return a comfortable look and Jack inquired if she did not like what Jack just said. Jessica said “No Jack….Actually I want to tell you that I also spent 800 this month from our common account.

Jack didn’t know about it but what he knew for sure that his expenses for that month were exceeding his income.

Jack controlled his emotion before bursting because he knew it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect a record keeping from Jessica because Jack never mentioned his plan to her.

But because Jack knew that there was merit in keeping record, he asked Jessica if she could cooperate in sharing the expenses that she is making so that they can keep a combined record of expenditures at one place?

Jessica was hesitant and but she agreed because Jack asked her in the most polite way in a long time!

For next 3 months, Jack would religiously record his expenditure and discuss with Jessica over the end of month.

Something interesting started happening. Jack would see that his expenditures are now usually below his income.

From 5th month onwards, the expenses started being fairly below income.

What was happening Here?


If you are reading this you have probably enjoyed this little story so far.

What according to you is really happening with Jack and Jessica?

Why is the expenditure coming under control?

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