The Disputable Physics of Attracting Money & Happiness!

The Disputable Physics of Attracting Money & Happiness!

The Disputable Physics of Attracting Money & Happiness Is My Attempt As An Engineer To Observe the Natural Forces At Play & Perhaps Be Able To Analyze Them To Explain The Interplay Of Logic & Imagination!

Richard Feynman, a Renowned American Physicist once said that if the world has to end in some cataclysm and the entire scientific knowledge were to get destroyed. What would be that one condensed piece of knowledge you would pass on to the generation of unknown creatures that may follow?

That profound statement as per Feynman would be from Atomic hypothesis which would read as below:-

All things are made of atoms – little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another.

May be you would have last read something like this in school. But I want you to read it slowly again.

Here is my take on why this is so profound?

Relationships & Happiness

Why do we always hear jokes on husband and wife arguments?

As opposite sex, the natural science explains law of physical attraction between man and woman. But why does that attraction turn sour over time?

Probably, because they are living together? 🤣

Imagine husband and wife to be atoms as per above hypothesis.

When they are in the same space but moving in their respective orbits they would continue to attract each other. But when the orbit is overstepped (creeping into partner’s space) their is bound to be a backlash.

Don’t believe it yet?

Ok think about your close friend in college with whom you shared the hostel room.

You were pretty close friends but would argue now and then because you were sharing the same space.

But now when you are apart for years (if still keeping touch), you would not miss half a chance to catch up with your old friend, wouldn’t you?

Why? because the distance builds attraction.

If sanity keeps its place, then mere understanding of this physical law can explain why things behave the way they do.

Money & Business

Imagine the message your brand puts out into the market. It could be your personal brand or business brand. Whatever it is, it is sending out signals/noise into the market place with every single interaction.

To keep it simple, I would focus on interactions with regard to ‘content’ that your brand is putting out into marketplace either for awareness or for conversions.

If you are churning valuable content, few things may happen depending on frequency alone. In the above physical hypothesis frequency denotes distance between you and your audience. Its not physical distance but time elapsed between two interactions.

Frequent content

You may attract new audience that you would like to serve and you may even convert the audience you have already attracted with your messaging over time. Great proposition for business.

Too Frequent content

You may attract new audience that you would like to serve and you may even convert the audience you have already attracted but you may also lose some of your audience due to burnout. Whether it is intentional or not for your business is dependent on further specific details.

Infrequent content

You may attract new audience but may not scale the audience size with any consistency. Conversions would not be any different from being infrequent.

If my above analogy holds any water, I would pick to be a frequent content generator. Remember, though there is infinite amount of content that can be generated in your niche, your imagination does get finite at times. When it does, it’s better to not put out a content that is half decent just to comply frequency. Instead allow the break and come back with a value content asap.


Iam writing my thoughts to improve my own clarity. Whether it resonates with you is a question mark and Iam okay if it even achieves that!

For those of you who have not heard from me before, Iam Vijay the founder of BlackJean Investor & Author of You, Money and Family and 5 Power Habits of Money.

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